A Colorful Journey

Fra Lippo Lippi, orphaned to a monastery and is involuntarily destined to the priesthood until the Abbot encourages Lippi’s talent for painting. Lippi quickly becomes a celebrated master whose love of art is exceeded only by his lust for wine and women. He chooses to afford these pleasures with commissions for frescoes he has yet to complete. Lippi is in debt, disgraced and dodging the moneylenders, rulers, and royalty, even the Pope. One drunken night he defaces Prince Albizzi’s unfinished fresco and now Lippi faces imprisonment.

Cosimo de' Medici, head of the Florence dynasty and political rival to the Prince, has Lippi confined to a monastery for protection. The friary is next to a convent where he sees Lucrezia, a novitiate and the “Madonna” of his dreams. Ironically, she has chosen religious orders over an arranged marriage to the vengeful Albizzi.

Lippi is soon given permission to paint Lucrezia and they fall in love. She becomes pregnant. He is charged with crimes against the Church. And the Pope must choose Lippi’s fate: forgiveness or death, each with a veiled consequence.

Lippi, the Musical delivers with unblinking honesty. The songs are amazing and Broadway-worthy. This is the story of choice vs. consequence and the transformational power of love. It is a story that is perhaps more relevant today than when it actually happened nearly six centuries ago.

Love. Lust. And Everything in Between.